Swedish Lapland Summit 2022

10/19/2022 Luleå

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Pre-tours are so 2021. Let us introduce you to something new!



Explore our Arctic lifestyle!

Swedish Lapland is well known as an innovative Arctic destination. Since before, you are most likely familiar with the expression fam-trips. This time we are making it possible for you to try something new. To dive in, to new powerful knowledge. 

Five themes will be provided, and you will have the option to participate in one of them. We offer you the opportunity to get the tools and the knowledge to receive a deeper awareness of Swedish Lapland and our Arctic lifestyle. We hope this will help you in your sales in the future and we can’t wait to welcome you.


A. Explore the culture of Swedish Lapland

Join us to Explore and take a deep dive into Swedish culture and ask ourselves, what is really Swedish? After all, there is way more to Sweden than ABBA, IKEA and Volvo, isn’t there? Is ‘lagom’ the only way of life in Sweden? For two days, in the unique place where the Swedish, Sámi and Tornedalen cultures collide, we will dig into our rich cultural heritage and meet several Swedish Lapland locals, each with their own story to tell and their own facet of our Arctic lifestyle. This trip is a must-do for those who want to get under the skin of the Swedish mentality and way of life and learn how today’s culture came about through history and time.

Date: 17th – 18th of October
Location: Luleå - Piteå
Recommended flight: Norweigan D84039 - Arrival LLA at 13.35
Total seats available: 0/7 (full)

B. Explore Swedish Lapland's nature and outdoor lifestyle 

Escape with us into Swedish Lapland’s stunning nature and learn all about the flora, fauna and wild animals that call it home. On this exciting tour, you’ll take a trek into the woodland with our expert guides who’ll teach you all they know about survival in our arctic landscape, all in the most simple, easy, and fun way you can imagine. You’ll learn how to make a fire from scratch, go in search of some of the local furrier residents and explore the Sámi approach to respecting our nature and getting the most out of it.
You’ll need to be comfortable with an easy walk to enjoy this tour but it is not too physically exerting so anyone can take part.

Date: 17th – 18th of October
Location: Luleå - Boden - Jokkmokk
Recommended flight: SAS SK10 - Arrival LLA at 15.20
Total seats available: 0/5 (full)

C. Explore Arctic wellbeing for body, mind and soul

Immerse yourself in the natural local surroundings of this Arctic wellbeing in Swedish Lapland. Today’s luxury isn’t gold taps or Four Seasons hotels, today’s luxury is that of wellbeing, and preserving mental health, which can be attained through spending time in nature, taking time at peace or leisure, exploring natural surroundings or eating great food and this is what this tour is all about. This tour is aimed at combating the stresses of everyday life, contrasting the tranquility of Swedish Lapland with what we assume is your noisy, overstimulated day-to-day environment. Join us for a multi-sensory, slow-paced journey through the region’s vast forests, across mountains and through water, a mix of the hot and the cold, giving you the space and time to reflect and regain some of the inner joy and wellbeing that you may have lost during the past couple of years. With the help of our wellbeing experts, come and reconnect with yourself in our beautiful Arctic nature.

Date: 17th – 18th of October
Location: Kiruna
Recommended flight: SAS SK1042 - Arrival KRN at 14.15
Total seats available: 4/7 

D. Explore the taste of the forest and drink the sea

Discover the flavors of Swedish Lapland in this gastronomic experience of Swedish Lapland. In this region, the blend of Swedish, Sámi and Torne Valley cultures is especially evident, particularly in the food and drinks culture that you and your clients can experience. It’s time to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, hearing the stories of the region’s passionate residents and exploring their way of life through preparing and enjoying their food and drinks. Learn more about the food traditions of the Sámi, the people of Torne Valley and the Gold of the Bothnian Bay – Kalix Caviar. Get hands-on with cooking and mixology, whilst you get the stories behind each ingredient and where it came from, whether that be the crisp mountains, the earthy woodlands, the fresh river valleys or the sweetest sea in the world. It’s all here for you to try.

Date: 17th – 18th of October
Location: Luleå - Heart of Lapland
Recommended flight: Norweigan D84039 - Arrival LLA at 13.35
Total seats available: 0/7 (full)

E. Explore the saying of Swedish Lapland's locally produced - Cancelled

Innovation, design and architecture play a key role in the transition to a sustainable society, both in Sweden and globally. In Swedish Lapland 'locally produced' can mean many things. As for how to capture 9 million kilograms of CO2 in a new hotel, how to make your own Gin or a cup for enjoying it. Or how the right sounds enhance your guests' experience. On this knowledge tour, we want to share, inspire and let you try, using all your senses. The outcome is up to you, we hope that you’ll pass it on and that your future customers will benefit from your stay together with us.

Date: -
Location: Skellefteå
Recommended flight: -
Total seats available: Cancelled

Sign up for your Knowledge transfer tour when registering for Swedish Lapland Summit. Choose from the tours called A–E when registering for Swedish Lapland Summit. Note that only one person per company can attend the same tour. The full program is available about 2 weeks in advance. Minimum 4 people are required to confirm the trip. Your trip will be confirmed after the summer.